Who are we?

Bahar Hindi has been producing for consumers who are looking for health and taste in their kitchens since 1940. Being Turkey’s turkey brand, Bahar Hindi also has the first integrated plant in Antalya — the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Bahar Hindi believes that enduring quality is possible with effective application of Quality and Food Safety Management within the framework of a model. The company is one of the leading companies in poultry sector in Turkey and at the international platform, bringing to the customer turkey meat from an egg to a chick, from a chick to the processed end product always applying the Food Safety Management System based on HACCP System BRC Food Standards.

The company with its customer-oriented approach and the principle of continuous improvement produces products in hygienic environment that comply with national and international legal regulations and BRC Food standards. By closely following the world trends, it produces the healthiest products and the most popular tastes under reliable conditions in modern production facilities using the latest technology. It is among our basic principles that the product is economical and environmentally friendly throughout its life thanks to packages that comply with hygiene standards.

Today Turkey’s turkey brand Bahar Hindi contributes to the country’s economy in poultry sector by producing in Turkey turkey, meatballs, coated products, charcuterie and doner kebab.

Bahar Hindi continues its growth on the path where they started out as a family with the awareness that nature is nourished by its resources.


Our vision

Customer oriented approach,

The principle of continuous improvement,

Producing healthy products in hygienic environment in accordance with national and international legal regulations and relevant standards, BRC Food standards,

Supporting staff training and development,

Aiming to improve and maintain Quality and Food Safety Management and BRC Food safety management systems,

attaching importance to Food Safety and Quality at every stage of production, placing consumer health above all else,

adopted principle of producing with environmentally friendly and respectful approach.

Bahar Hindi, being the Turkey's turkey brand with its 100% national capital is one of the leading companies that on local and international platform while maintaining the advances of science brings its products to consumers: turkey meat from the eggs to chicks and from chicks to the processed end product.

Why turkey?

Turkey meat is richer in protein than other types of meat. Cholesterol ratio is very low and protein value is high. Turkey meat with its low fat content is good for your heart. In other words, the fat in a normal turkey meal is only half the fat in red meat. As food of animal origin it is the closest to fish meat. Amino acids are balanced. It is easy to digest. Turkey meat also contains phosphorus, potassium and magnesium; turkey muscle tissue contains significant amount of iron. It is good for our body thanks to the vitamin B3, vitamin B12 and minerals it contains. Zinc, one of the main minerals in turkey meat is an extremely important mineral for the immune system, healing of wounds and for the body to digest fat, protein and carbohydrates. 100 g of turkey meat contains 1.7 mg of zinc. This corresponds to 24% of the recommended amount for women and 18% for men. Turkey meat is a cheap protein source in our country, both in terms of health and its rich nutritional content.

Contact & Order

E-mail: info@baharhindi.com
Order: info@antbahar.com.tr

Telephone & Fax

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